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What is Baby Reflex ?

Infant reflexology is a series of strokes and techniques that are individual to fit the infant. The zones/reflexpoints of a treatment follow the outline of the basic reflexology with a limited treatment time of 5/6 minutes. This treatment is suitable from 4 weeks old.

Infant reflex is believed to be a tool with the ability to comfort and nurture infants and enable the infant mind/body to balance itself.  It is a natural tool to enhance the infant's wellbeing.

The Techniques involved will include general reflexology movements adapted to meet the child's needs.



Benefits of Reflex

Provides a medium for direct contact and expression of affection

Aids relaxation of the infant

Relieves discomfort

Improved sleep patterns

Calms a fractious child

Stimulates the child's immune system

Relief of congestion and mild snuffles

Assists with teething discomfort

Can aid elimination of waste

Can help with reflux   

1-1 Session in the comfort of your own home.  Colour charts and Aftercare information is  given to allow you to carry out a treatment confidentially

The cost thereafter will vary outside a ten mile radius of Penkridge  

If you wish to have a friend join you the price is reduced.         



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This a perfect present for dad to have his own special bonding time. 


Likewise dad  if you wish another new dad to join you - you can!


This treatment is to be used only on your baby. No responsibility will be taken by the therapist if information has been shared to another parent.

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