Firstly many congratulations on what will be a wonderful journey!!


During Pregnancy


The aim of Lovinghands is to be able to offer mums the benefit of massage during prenatal stages.  To have a child is a wonderful gift and a very special time but sometimes along the way we need a little help.


I am qualified to be able to mix essential oils for mums to take away to use at home whether it be for general wellbeing, in labour or for after the birth if required. Also includes Chakra Balancing.



Benefits for you

Pregnancy massage has been found to reduce stress and provide emotional support during pregnancy

Helps relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints 


Stretch marks




Decrease swelling in arms and legs

Helps with leg cramps

Swelling of feet

Once you book a treatment you will know, Lovinghands is very particular with the products used.  We wanted organic products for mum and baby and the Company that impressed us the most is The Aromatherapy Company based in Warwickshire.  The products are to a very high standard and smell divine.  This Company does not supply to the High Street.  All products that are used can be purchased.

The Massage Couch is extra wide and thicker than normal couches to ensure your safety

and comfort.


Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment using essential oils which can be used to help promote physical, mental and general wellbeing.


Essential oils have their own range of therapeutic properties and will be blened according to your needs and trimester.  A free consultation will be required before a treatment can  take place.


A leaflet will be given to you after your treatment to ensure you can contine to gain the full benefit of your treatment.


Gift Vouchers are available for treatments or products.  Vouchers are sent out first class. 

For an appointment please email, ring 07814 599 216 or book on line.



Full body including face  

& head massage  75 mins      £45.00  

Full body 60 mins                    £40.00


Back  30 mins                           £20.00


Head/shoulders & face           £25.00

40 mins


Legs & feet   30 mins               £20.00

All treatments are tailored to your needs and comfort.


A body massage after 22 weeks is on your side.



Charges are incurred for cancellations - see charges section.

Midwives do support complementary treatments in aiding your wellbeing.. Treatments are to help you on this journey and should not replace your current medical care.


Babies love essential oils and will respond so much better to Baby Massage Courses if mummy has had treatments or used essential oils recommended during the pregnancy.

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