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Fire Cupping


Cupping is a traditional Chinese therapy  that has been used to treat illnesses and imbalances for over 2,500 years. Modern methods of cupping use mechanical devices to create the suction. The more traditional method, however, creates suction by applying heat to the cup from a lighted candle—hence the name “fire cupping”. It is a safe alternative to acupuncture and is painless.


Glass cups of various sizes once heated are placed on the skin creating a suction.  These are left on for a period of time (this will vary according to reaction) and then removed. It is usually 15 to 30 minutes.


Cupping is like a massage but in reverse.  The cups pull your muscles up, rather than pushing them down. Fire cupping can help relieve the body from aches and pains similar to that a deep massage treatment would offer.  


The skin is the largest organ of the body. Chinese cupping is commonly used to treat lung and respiratory inflammation and congestion.   It is also very beneficial in cases of infertility because it helps detoxify the body (more info under fertility section).


Helps tissues to release toxins and so relieving stiff and aching muscles and joints

Helps activate the lymphatic system

Can clear colon blockages when treating the abdomen

Helps activate and clear the veins, arteries and capillaries

Helps clear stretch marks

Helps with fibromyalgia



One common  and  unfortunate  misconceptions  concerning  cupping  is  the misinterpretation  of  the  marks.  The  round  circles  left  on  the  body  after  the  treatment  are  not bruises  caused  by  cupping.  These  marks  or  discolorations  occur  when  the  process  has drawn  pathologic  factors  to  the  skin’s  surface.  To  call  these  marks  “bruises”  is  incorrect  because  this  indicates a  result  from  a  traumatic  procedure.  Bruises  are  due  to  some  sort  of  trauma  and  they  are tender  to  touch.  Marks  left  after  cupping  are  not  sensitive  when  being  touched as a rule of thumb.

These marks rapidly fade away to nothing.  Usually there is a noticeable change within 24 hours of the treatment and marks if any will disappear within a few days.


A treatment is £35.00 and last 1 hour

This will includes a light massage of the area treated.

Fire cupping is subject to  a consultation prior to treatment.



For an appointment please email, ring 07814 599 216 or book on line.

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