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 Baby Massage...

Baby Massage Courses are run over a five week period of 60 minute sessions.  By week four you will be able to massage your baby from head-to-toe.  This Course includes illustrated weekly handouts of the routine.  Courses are suitable for babies from 4 weeks. Reflex moves are also learnt.


Everything you need is supplied. Mats, neck cushions and pillows. The oils are 100% organic and are specially blended for babies.  As a baby's skin is six times thinner than our own it was always an important factor when choosing the supplier. The oil used within class is not to be taken away but a bottle can be purchased for home use.  

Benefits for your and your baby

Helps with growth and development

Promotes relaxation and sleep

Can help with wind, colic and constipation

Balances the nervous system

Encourages bonding and interaction

Encourages lactation and aids breastfeeding

Raises your hormone 'oxytocin' creating a calming effect on you and your baby

Relief for teething pains

Sensory stimulation   

Five week  Course £35.00

Four week Course £30.00

One to one session in your own home includes 50 ml organic bottle of oil

£40.00.  This is one visit only and can be up to two hours.

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