Additional Information and Questions !

Handouts are given out weekly illustrating the sequence.


100% organic oils are supplied together with towels and pillows for your son/daughter. Cushions are supplied for you.

Please wear clothing that is easy to remove from your baby to avoid any stress as some babies do not like this part !

Babies do get tired.  They also can get hungry so please if you bottle feed remember to bring a bottle. 

If you miss a class I will, if necessary go through the routine with you separately. However as the sequence is repeated each week you will have plenty of opportunities to be able to catch up.

No hot drinks will be available during the session for safety reasons but a cold drink will be provided.

Classes are kept small. Places are limited to 8 per course so booking is essential. Places are on a first come first served basis.

Should you wish to bring your husband/partner or another member of the family with you please ask the week before so I can check with the rest of the group.  Please respect the outcome of this. I will always do a one to one with families if asked.

No refunds are given due to the fact that limited numbers are allowed on a course. However I will always take individual needs and circumstances into account.                           


Asleep, tired, hungry or fretful.

Unwell or has a raised temperature.

Has undergone recent surgery.

Has an infectious skin condition,

bruising, fractures or open wounds

(with the exception of the infectious

skin condition, it may be possible

for the affected areas to be massaged).

It is recommended that massage should be avoided 24 hours before and after a vaccination - longer if your baby has a temperature.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Chest and arms

Chest, arms, tummy, legs 

Chest, arms, tummy, legs, feet anback

Chest, arms, tummy, legs, feet, back and face 

Recap of all the above

Week 4

Week 5