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Reproductive Reflexology



Reflexology is a non intrusive  complementary treatment that works along side conventional medicine. It is based on the theory that zones on the feet correspondence to areas of the body. Different weekly protocols are used to enhance chances of conception. Also includes Chakra Balancing.


Fertility and Conception


Experiencing fertility issues can be a highly stressful and tense time for both partners.  There is no doubt that stress can play a significant and detrimental factor in an individuals ability to conceive.


When someone experiences anxiety and stress, the cortisol in the bloodstream rises. When this hormone is detected by receptors in the hippocampus, signals are sent to the hypothalamus. There, corticotropin-releasing hormone is secreted to activate the pituitary gland, which secretes adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) into circulation. ACTH is the signal that tells the adrenal glands to make more cortisol and release it into the bloodstream. Cortisol causes many changes in tissues throughout the body to deal with emergency situations, including raising alertness and energy levels, reducing inflammation, and lowering pain sensitivity.


Over longer periods of time, the useful short-term relationship between cortisol and stress can impair health. Constant alertness can lead to high blood pressure, while digestive and thyroid function stay suppressed, slowing metabolism and increasing fat deposits and weight gain. Since cortisol suppresses the inflammatory response, chronic stress leads to slower wound healing. Cortisol reduces levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, causing depression and diminished feelings of well-being. Depression also increases when cortisol interferes with the release of dopamine, a chemical important for feeling pleasure or joy.


Individuals secrete different levels of cortisol in response to stress, so not everyone experiences the same negative physical effects. Relaxation tempers the effects of cortisol.  It is therefore so important to reduce stress levels for couples trying to conceive.




Reflexology has positive results alongside changes in lifestyle in helping to stimulate and support the body’s hormonal and reproductive systems to promote and encourage wellbeing. 


Reflexology is suitable for most clients already receiving IVF or other fertility treatments.

Commitment ideally should be with both partners. A woman will need weekly treatments to work with her cycle until it is regulated. This applies to women who have PCOS or other ovulation factors and 

Males will need eight weekly treatments if test results show abnormalities. 


Secondary infertility

Lack of periods (amenorrhoea) or irregular periods

Luteal phase defect and/or progesterone deficiency


Painful periods (dysmenorrhoea) or heavy bleeding (menorrhagia)

Recurrent miscarriage

PCOS (Poly cystic ovarian syndrome)


Sperm Abnormalities

Hormonal Imbalances

Prostate Issues


Reproductive Plan


Treatment ideally should be both partners and commitment for six months.

Sessions required will be discussed after the Consultation. There is a one off consultation fee of £55.00 for ladies.


A treatment is £30.00 per person.


Reflexology treatment 40 mins        £30.00

Reflexology and leg massage           £35.00

Reflexology and head massage       £35.00

Balm used is organic.

Please have something light to eat beforehand.

Ideally if possible do not shave your legs.

Wear clothing that allows me to go to the top of your knee.

Balm used is organic.


Gift Vouchers are available and sent out first class/emailed. Gift Voucher info can be found under the heading of gifts.

Charges are incurred for cancellations - see charges section.

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Please click on this link and complete Consultation Form and return prior to appointment. 


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