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How Beautiful are these stories...

I decided to visit Karen after several months of no conception. I have endometriosis and although this was my second child, my cycle had changed considerably. I was now every 25 days. Karen educated me about my cycle and what I should be looking for and trying throughout my time with her. It was very relaxing and took the stress out of a difficult time. My cycle lengthened to the correct time and actually assisted with the immense pain I felt during this time. My cycle had a luteal defect which is something I would never have known unless I charted for Karen to understand my cycle.

I now have a beautiful healthy baby boy! 


I went to Karen at Lovinghands after trying to conceive for almost a year and nothing happening at all. I was referred to a specialist at the hospital who did not inspire me with confidence or give me any practical advice, who actually told me we may never conceive. They advised keep trying another 6 months but I was conscious I was getting older.


I had been diagnosed with PCOS in my very early 20’S and until I started trying I didn’t actually realise what that meant for me, other than not having a regular period (sometimes 3-6 months at a time) and following seeing the specialist at hospital I was more negative about the journey than ever before.

I heard about Karen through some friends and recommended I give it a try because Karen also specialised in fertility reflexology. All I can say is, it was the best decision I ever made.

Before seeing Karen I had not had a period for months and within the first month of seeing Karen and having reflexology I came on my period. This was a huge thing and a confidence boost. I continued going to Karen and just following her advice and reflexology, the following month I ovulated which again I would not have known without Karen’s guidance and reflexology.


I am currently 8 months pregnant. Karen provided me firstly with relaxation and a stress free environment, I always left sessions feeling relaxed and hopeful. It is a great way to work everything in your body and I could feel it when I had my sessions. It is not only the reflexology Karen provides but that she gave me guidance on the right diet and what could be effecting my fertility, what vitamins would work and little exercises I could do to help conceive.


I credit Karen and Reflexology with the little miracle I am currently carrying, for anyone struggling with infertility I would thoroughly recommend it. Karen is wonderful, professional, friendly and more importantly knowledgeable.


I came to Lovinghands for fertility issues. 

I suffered from serious endometriosis.  I had surgery to remove endometriosis which Karen told me left me with a lot of scar tissue.  The consultant I was under told me that I would not conceive naturally and would need go down the road of IVF.

I suffered consider pain and I took painkillers on a regular basis.

Following a consultation and protocols that were explained what I needed to do I was happy to be able to reduce my painkillers.  The pain I cannot believe reduced so much and allowed me some normality.

My period improved immensely and became more regular and less painful.

I conceived after a few months and I am so grateful to Karen to giving me the faith and belief that this would happen.  To have been told I would not conceive naturally at the time was so upsetting. 

I now have a beautiful girl who is my absolute life.

Thank you mums for allowing these to be on my website. xxxx

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