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Reflexology is a natural therapy involving no medication or drugs.  It is based on the principle that all organs, glands and other parts of the body has a corresponding reflex area or zone in the feet.  By applying gentle but firm pressure to these it will relax and stimulate the body's natural energy flow and can release any blockages along these energy pathways.  This relaxes tension and improves nerve and blood supply.  Because circulation is improved this helps the elimination of waste toxins.


Reflexology does not discriminate.  The elderly, women, men, teenagers, children and babies and can have positive benefits.  The treatment for babies under six months is a different techinique.


Benefits for you


                Hormonal imbalances


                Back pain


                Migraines, headaches


                Digestive problems




                Circulatory problems


                Stress related disorders






               Skin disorders



The first treatment will require a consultation beforehand to ascertain that a treatment can be given and to have a clear understanding of your needs.  This should take around 60 minutes in total including the treatment.  Further treatments take around 40.


The session will begin with a relaxing foot massage, followed by pressure being applied to reflex points on the feet to enable a free flow of energy to the body.  You should experience a sense of deep relaxation.  

A clients reactions can differ but must be considered a positive treatment which has helped rid the body of toxins.

For an appointment please email, ring 07814 599 216 or book on line.


Reflexology treatment 40 mins        £35.00

Reflexology and leg massage          £40.00

Reflexology and head massage      £40.00


The Consultation is free.

At least four treatments will ensure the best benefits.If four weekly treatments are booked a free post natal treatment is given one month after the birth.

Balm used is organic.

Please have something light to eat beforehand.

Ideally if possible do not shave your legs.

Wear clothing that allows me to go to the top of your knee.

Balm used is organic.


Gift Vouchers are available and sent out first class/emailed. Gift Voucher info can be found under the heading of gifts.

Charges are incurred for cancellations - see charges section.

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